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Low Frequency Thinking ( admin posted on March 24th, 2009 )

Is my phrase of the day. I heard it on the radio this morning in the context of thinking deeply and carefully. But thats not what I think it means. The best examples I can think of are:-

“Alan had mastered the art of low frequency thinking early in his life – he was thick”.

“John took the opportunity during double maths to do a spot of low frequency thinking – he fell asleep”.

Should be added to the list of words frowned upon by the LGA

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Another new computer ( admin posted on March 24th, 2009 )

Got a netbook recently (not for me to use though). HP 2133. Seen in Comet, but £10 less from Dixons online, delivered. (How stupid are they?).

Runs SLED10. Got the updates to work, then promptly lost all wireless. A week later it is fixed taking advice from the online forum of openSuSE. HP were useless – rang them a few times but they kept asking me what happens when you run IE. Very nice people but obviously lived a long way away and did not have a clue what I was talking about. It’s their own OS!!! Told me to ring Novell. Which I did, but politely pointed back to HP.  The fix I found is now in the forums.


Here are the links (partly for my ref.):-

Wireless now working, dodgy hub permitting.

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Holmfirth High ( admin posted on March 14th, 2009 )

The school did it again:- sent letters home with a duff web address. I wrote to them a couple of weeks ago, but got no reply. About 1300 kids got the letter. Here is my response :-

Att:- Hxxxxx Sxxxxx (you know who you are…)

Hello. You have just sent a letter home encouraging parents to start using new methods of communication. You also suggest we can register via your website

Although this domain is owned by the school (registered in 2004) you have not yet done anything with it. The same applies to and (which I first registered and gave to the school to prevent abuse – look it up, according to whois I am still the registered owner). 

For a school specialising in computing, you show a remarkable lack of knowledge around the use of the internet and computing in general. Not a very good example to our children then. This is not the first time you have sent letters with a non-working domain, but can I suggest you get with the program and try a bit harder.

You should be using those domains yourself – allowing kids to create their own content etc. At least post a redirect to digital brain, since you insist on using them. Either that or stop publishing duff web addresses.


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