Not a joke ( admin posted on March 8th, 2008 )

When I saw this I thought I had missed a month and it was 1st April already :-


This means every place of work, for instance, where someone has a radio on. And your car. And your kitchen. The best bit is where it comes from – the “Red Tape Team”. It really isn’t a joke – they exist here.

You just couldn’t make it up.

To buy a licence for all your performances, go to the PRS/MCPS Alliance website and get your credit card out.

Red Tape Front Page for the whole story (pdf).

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  1. Post from the Red Tape Team –

    Please note that the Red Tape Team is here to help businesses, and we have no connection with the PRS/MCPS alliance. The article was included to make businesses aware of the legislation around this issue as many businesses in the area have been visited by the PRS/MCPS alliance demanding payment.

    If in your car or your kitchen you do not need a licence, the licence applies for work places only.

    May we also note that there is a suggestion of some alternatives to a licence at the bottom of the article.

    Free help for all businesses is available at or by calling 0845 050 0080. The Red Tape Team’s service is managed by the Yorkshire and Humber Chambers of Commerce and is run as an independant project making it completely confidential.

    All help is completely free.

    May it be noted that the scanned front page of the newsletter is upside down.

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