Kirklees Needs this ( admin posted on July 7th, 2008 )

Like a fish needs a bicycle.

First you need to visit or and have a scan through. Not really hit google yet because it’s too new (Registered 4th June 2008, along with The architects and artists have clearly been very very busy.

This is a superb development, full of clever opportunities to spend money and buy fat (sorry – enjoy nutritious food in an exciting “major fast food brand” restaurant).

If last Sunday is anything to go by, a few new roads will also be needed (Total road chaos for 3-4 hrs on Sunday due to the kirklees youth games. No I don’t have clue what that was about either, despite having numerous “youths” living at home).

I also recall the last deluge when the river through the site came within inches (or mm) of flooding the whole area. Lets hope the budget includes a big dredger and a wider river. Build this on a flood plain ? Glad I don’t have to insure it.

Posted on 21/01/2008 1:03 PM by: Niel Stewart

Note the trees on the bank!

I wish them luck – they are going to need it.

p.s. the council owns 40% of KSDL (Kirklees Stadium Developments Ltd)

p.p.s. The council website hasn’t found it either :-

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Results for hdone. Search took 0 seconds.Did you mean: done ????????


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  1. Womble On Tour says:

    I wouldn’t worry mate; if Kirklees Council are at the helm, it’ll never happen.

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